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Matrimonial Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Family law: – where the matter is related to family like

Court marriage: – in which marriage solemnize legally as the age is for marriage as per Hindu marriage act 1955 for groom is 21 years and for bride is 18 years otherwise the marriage is null and void although the Hon’ble Supreme court has allowed to stay a adult couple together  

Also marriages where groom and bride belong to different religions Special Marriage Act 1954

Divorce: – where any dispute arises between any couple after marriage and finally want to live separately under Hindu marriage act 1955 can file divorce petition by the consent of both as well as one person can also file divorce petition under section 13 H.M.A

Domestic violence :- where any lady who is in domestic relations and the relatives do harm to the lady by physically mentally psychologically sexually or by other ways calls Domestic Violence   

But the Pwdv (protection of womens from domestic violence) act 2005 gives power to the aggrieved person for getting relief under this act .

Maintenance petition under section 125 CrPC :- any wife children or parents who are not able to maintain himself/herself can demand maintenance any legitimate or illegitimate minor child, whether married or if attained majority, where such child is, by reason of any physical or mental abnormality or injury unable to maintaining themselves to the person who is legally liable to maintain and refuse or neglect to his liability.

Dowry probhition Act 1961 :- this act was made for preventing the dowry system and under this act taking and giving dowry both are punishable if after marriage by groom side demands any dowry it’s also punishable

Matrimonial Lawyer in Delhi

Advocate for Matrimonial Disputes

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